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Baltresto Barrel Saunas

Baltresto produces saunas in a shape of a big barrel, which is equipped with everything necessary for good traditional sauna sessions. Such choice of a shape is not an accident! This ergonomic design is ideal for sauna, as the absence of corners significantly hastens the heating of a steam room. Thus, a sauna equipped with a wood-burning stove will reach appropriate temperature within 1 hour, while with an electric stove – during 2 hours. In addition, as there is less extra [...]


What are the Major Benefits of Using Sauna?

Have you ever wondered about all the benefits that sauna therapy can provide for you and your family members? This kind of heat and water therapy is probably one of the most favourite ones among humankind. In distant past our ancestors used to visit sauna on a regular basis, in order to reach ideal cleanness and improve health, spending sauna rituals in silence, avoiding making any noise, eating or drinking in sauna … if they were Japanese. If they were Roman, [...]