Baltresto Barrel Saunas

Baltresto Barrel Saunas

Baltresto produces saunas in a shape of a big barrel, which is equipped with everything necessary for good traditional sauna sessions. Such choice of a shape is not an accident! This ergonomic design is ideal for sauna, as the absence of corners significantly hastens the heating of a steam room. Thus, a sauna equipped with a wood-burning stove will reach appropriate temperature within 1 hour, while with an electric stove – during 2 hours. In addition, as there is less extra space under the benches, the steam room is much easier to wash. What is more, round shape makes our saunas look more interesting and unusual.

Concerning the layout of a sauna, there are multiple options. Thus, one can order a so-called Standard Sauna, which will include a steam room only. Extended version of a Standard Sauna is Sauna with a Dressing Room, which implies a steam room plus dressing room. One more interesting model is Sauna with Outside Seats, which has some extra space to cool down in addition to the steam room. The last version, which is probably the most functional one, is a Sauna with Dressing Room and Outside Seats, which includes a steam room, a dressing room and outside seats.

Another aspect to decide on is the size of a sauna; to be more precise, its length. The smallest sauna is 2 meters long, while the biggest one is 4 meters. The capacity of our saunas varies from 4 to 8 people. However, if you are not pleased with our standard sizes, do not hesitate to send us your enquiry with the parameters that you would like to get. We will discuss together all the details, and produce a custom-designed sauna especially for you! Regarding the material of a sauna, there are also several options. The barrel sauna can be made of Spruce or Thermo wood. While the floor and walls are made of thick Spruce or Thermo wood planks, the benches are made of Alder. Each kind of wood is selected very carefully, in order to be sure that the future sauna will serve without any problems for many years.

Our Vertical Barrel Sauna definitely deserves separate attention. First of all, it looks as a fairy house and will beautify any garden without a doubt! This sauna is made of Northern Spruce and it can accommodate from 2 to 4 people. As all the other sauna types, this one can also be equipped either with a wood-burning stove or with an electric heater. The roof colour of Vertical and Horizontal Barrel Saunas is usually brown. However, one can order a sauna with a green or black roof as well.

Every sauna can be further improved by adding some decorative or functional elements. For example, Standard Sauna and Sauna with Dressing Room can be decorated with a 0,4m canopy, while Saunas with Outside Seats can be beautified with decorative wooden hoops. Another option for our Horizontal Barrel Saunas is a big window situated on the back wall of a sauna, or two smaller windows, which can be situated either on the front or back wall. Basic sauna kit includes brown tempered glass doors. The tempered glass door closes tightly, keeping the hot steam in. However, it is possible to replace the front glass door with a wooden one with a lock. In addition, one can order a separate floor made of Alder for his Horizontal Barrel Sauna. This accessory will facilitate more comfortable walking across the steam room and make its cleaning much easier. There is also a durable water tank available. The tank is made of stainless steel, and it can be installed onto the pipe, in order to simplify your steam sauna experience and make it more comfortable. Finally, Baltresto offers a wide range of sauna accessories, including a wooden ladle, Birch and Bamboo brooms, a 4 l bucket, a headrest, a thermometer, and of course, sauna hats.

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