Wooden hot tubs without a heater

Base price including

• Seats "Luxury"
• Hoops made of stainless steel
• Drain
• Steps "Luxury"

Luxury model

Diameter, m Mass,kg Spruce/Larch Persons Water volume, l Spruce Larch
1,6 160/230 5-6 1300 598 € 953 €
1,8 210/300 6-8 1800 663 € 1 011 €
2,0 260/370 7-9 2300 715 € 1 093 €
2,2 310/440 8-10 2900 848 € 1 227 €
2,4 340/520 10-12 3600 916 € 1 295 €


• Internal Bench Height: 320mm
• Internal Bench Width: 350mm
• Wood outside thickness: 42mm
• Flooring thickness: 39мм
• Wood: Larch
• Bench thickness: 40mm
• Interior height/total height: 0,98/1,12m

The wooden tub made by bare hands

These days, hot tubs are already known by many people and most of them are desiring to own one. Hot tubs are actually one of the best ways of relaxing both your body and mind. The warm water as well as the bubbles into the hot tubs massaging your body is mainly an exceptional treat for you. Your long day of work and the tiredness right after than could be overcome only with very much peaceful ambience and a good body massage as well.

As the age progresses these days, people are turning to the old conventional things a little more often. Though people are now bound by a whole lot of technical innovations, some still choose to go natural. These things considered as traditions and have been forgotten for some time recuperate their attractiveness and get a new and whole life. Indeed, the new materials as well as technologies that could not replace close contact with ancient and nature labor by hand. It simply embraces both of the cultural as well as natural heritage. A simple touch could totally be enough for relieving your stress and cheer you up the fullest. The smell of the Larch or Spruce tub has its power to enchant you. It simply has the springy smell that will remind you about the hundred years old of tradition and of course, rain or spring forest. The aroma of Larch or spruce tubs without a stove is simply the way of your total happiness.