Thermo-wood and stainless steel - a brand new experience.

Base price including

• Outside: Thermo-wood or spruce 41mm thickness
• Inside: Stainless steel tub
• Inside or outside stainless steel wood-burning heater
• Decorative top panel
• Protection fence (if inside heater)
• 2 Stainless Steel bands
• Chimney 1m + 1m
• Drain
• Steps "Luxury"

Stainless steel tubs

External Material Diameter, m Mass
Persons Water volume, l Price with Inside heater Price with Outside heater
Spruce 1,6 280 3-4 1300 1 576 € 1 969 €
Spruce 1,8 340 4-5 1800 1 820 € 2 226 €
Spruce 2,0 400 5-6 2300 1 876 € 2 288 €
Thermowood 1,6 270 6 1300 1 971 € 2 364 €
Thermowood 1,8 330 6-8 1800 2 232 € 2 638 €
Thermowood 2,0 390 7-9 2300 2 331 € 2 743 €


• Height: 1,16m
• Internal Bench Height: 320mm
• Internal Bench Width: 350mm
• Wood outside thickness: 42mm
• Wood: Thermowood or Spruce
• Interior height: 1m

Timeless materials for priceless experience.

Do you ever think about relaxing and resting your body on a hot tub? Do you think that you could only find this relaxation and rest within salon and spas? Did you ever think that it is possible for you to find the perfect relaxation in the comfort of your own home? Well, if not, why don't you consider getting hot tubs made of thermo-wood as well as stainless steel.

If you are looking out for a hot tub that promotes good health, then this is the one you are looking for. It could surely help you in relieving down the pains of your muscle, your legs, your back and even with your headache. If you also want to free yourself from stress, this is something you should consider as well. 100 percent relaxation- if you go to spas and soak in a hot tub for some time, you will be relaxed, but you could never get that 100 percent relaxation. This is for the reason that full pledged relaxation could only be found at home. Keep in mind, you need some time to travel until you reach the location of the spa in your place and you still have to pay not just for the service of the hot tub, but with all of the aspects being found in salons and spa. Unlikely, if you are in your home, there's no need to pay for something. You can just fire up the woods and let it heat up the water and soak yourself without any limitation.