Tub with Plastic insertment - kid friendly kind of tub.

Base price including

• Hoops made of stainless steel
• Protection fence
• Inside aluminium or stainless steel heater
• Chimney 1m + 1m
• Drain
• Steps "Luxury"

Round plastic hot tubs

Material Diameter, m Mass
Persons Water volume, l Price with Aluminum Stove Price with Stainless Steel Stove
Fiberglass + Spruce 1,8 270 3-4 1300 1 242 € 1 321 €
Fiberglass + Thermowood 1,8 270 3-4 1300 1 520 € 1 599 €
Plastic + Spruce 2,0 320 5-6 1800 1 630 € 1 709 €
Plastic + Thermowood 2,0 320 5-6 1800 1 903 € 1 982 €


• Diameter: 1,8m
• Height: 1.1m
• Internal Bench Height: 280mm
• Internal Bench Width: 290mm
• Wood outside thickness: 42mm
• Flooring thickness: 39мм
• Wood: Thermowood or Spruce
• Interior height: 0,97m

Round fiberglass hot tub 1,8m


• Diameter: 2,0m
• Height: 1.2m
• Internal Bench Width: 300mm
• Wood outside thickness: 42mm
• Flooring thickness: 39мм
• Wood: Thermowood or Spruce
• Plastic lid is included in basic price

Round Plastic hot tub 2,0m

Taking a bath in hot water is very common. You could ask hundreds of people and you would get positive responses about this thing. Hot water bathing is totally popular all around the world. There are actually lots of natural hot water springs being found in many parts of the world and lots of people are taking advantage of it. However, not everyone could get the pleasure of getting to these natural spring resorts.

One good thing is that, there are man made, eco-friendly hot tubs from spruce or thermo-wood with internal with internal heater and plastic insertment for you to count on. These hot tubs are mainly designed for hot bathing and has built in benches, so you could enjoy your time with a whole lot of comfort. It also has installed furnace that caters on burning woods and fired up to heat the water up. You could have this hot tub on your terrace, or in your garden. On the other hand, the Thermowood is being produced by treating timber, a kind of softwood and furnace at high temperatures, changing the cellular structures of the timber. AS a result, the timber would become more stable, most especially in the changing climates. The kilning procedure of the timber is totally eco-friendly, so you don't have to worry about harming mother earth. Moreover, thermo-wood is simply made through chemical-free process by simply using steam or heat vapor. The material of the wood will be heated into a temperature of about 180ºC while it is still protected with the steam.