Larch hot tubs with a built-in stove

Base price including

• Seats "Luxury"
• Hoops made of stainless steel
• Protection fence "Luxury"
• Inside aluminium or stainless steel heater
• Chimney 1m + 1m
• Drain
• Steps "Luxury"

Luxury model

Diameter, m Mass
Persons Water volume, l Price with Aluminum Stove Price with Stainless Steel Stove
1,6 270 4-5 1300 1 270 € 1 349 €
1,8 340 5-6 1800 1 343 € 1 452 €
2,0 410 6-8 2300 1 425 € 1 504 €
2,2 485 7-9 2900 1 559 € 1 628 €
2,4 570 8-10 3600 1 627 € 1 706 €


• Height: 1.1m
• Internal Bench Height: 320mm
• Internal Bench Width: 350mm
• Wood outside thickness: 42mm
• Flooring thickness: 39мм
• Wood: Larch
• Bench thickness: 40mm
• Interior height/total height: 0,98/1,12m

Every household has its own tubs. However, you could only find some houses with hot tubs. Are you familiar with this? Well, if not, it would be best for you to consider getting larch hot tubs with built-in stove. This kind of tubs gives many benefits for you to take advantage of.

With Larch hot tub set, you will be sure enough that what you could get the best form of relaxation without any sort of worries to think about. On the other hand, if you are eager enough to know the benefits you could use for using Larch Hot Tubs, then here are the following:

1. Overall refreshment- this kind of hot tub could give you the perfect opportunity in order to feel the refreshment you can never find from any other place. This tub is natural and environmentally friendly type. If you spend some time in the tub, you would have a high and tone spirits.
2. Relaxing- the aroma of large could help you relax right after your full time work. It is not just about that as it could make you feel completely revitalized. The scent from Larch helps to recover from the colds because of the natural phytoncides penetrating your respiratory airways. This hot tub helps one to prevent neuroses, hypertension as well as migraine.
3. Special atmosphere- Larch hot tubs is simply wonderful and offers natural luster. It simply has a wide array of shades, apparent growth rings as well as textures. It simply makes special atmosphere and adds up the charm when soaking and taking a bath.
4. Comfort- Larch hot tubs with a built in stove gives the person a pleasure of fragrant and warm comfort outside. The water is being heated by means of wood-burning stove being placed into a certain part of the hot tub.

Larch works being an excellent material for the tub. This one is time-proof and robust, having all of the substances that prevents it from moist and bacterial development that simply makes the tub a resistant one for decay. So, if you would like to experience all of those benefits mentioned above, considering Larch hot tubs with a built in stove now.