Like to start it now - get your own Barrel Sauna.

Sauna is the best for losing weight.

This outdoor sauna looks like a big barrel made out of the spruce planks, with the thickness of 42mm and covered with flexible roof. Barrel sauna is a fully furnished material and has everything that you need. It has the benches, stove, chimney and more. It's inner space is being used in a very efficient manner. There are actually two benches on both sides between which the furnace is being installed. However, you don't need any other stuff. The benches are being made up of thermo-wood or alder.

Barrel sauna gives people the chance to relax and take advantage of the greatest benefits with regards to promoting good health. It is even a wonderful way of recharging your batteries for a few weeks ahead. The steam within the steam room is just like a sponge that sips all of the fatigue and even worse feelings within your body. With such, you would all become a different person, an inspired, rested and just a fully forced one.

The Barrel sauna is being heated for about 80ºC for less than an hour and about 100ºC for the optimal room temperature for about two hours. The space within barrel saunas could actually accommodate a good number of people. However, small numbers would always be a good thing. The barrel sauna is merely a good choice for those who are living with small family and can consider this one as a holiday together or you could just gather your friends to join you out.

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